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Podcasting is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with a wider audience. As a guest on someone else’s podcast, you have the opportunity to share your expertise and insights with their listeners. But what do you do with the content after the podcast has aired? Instead of letting it go to waste, you can repurpose it in several ways to reach an even larger audience.

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One way to repurpose your podcast guesting content is to transform the audio recording into a written transcript. This can be done by using transcription software or outsourcing the work to a professional transcriptionist. Once you have a written transcript, you can use it to create blog posts, social media captions, and even an e-book. This allows you to reach people who prefer to consume content in a written format.

Example Content from Podcast

This is an example 2 minute “short” video produced by a host for a recent podcast episode we arrange for a client. The video provides excellent social proof content for a niche audience i.e communication specialists. The video has over 1,000 views on Youtube. (See more success stories)

Another way to repurpose your podcast guesting content is to create a video version of the interview. This can be achieved by filming yourself or hiring a professional videographer. For example, you could create a video where you summarise the key points from the interview or provide additional insights that weren’t covered in the podcast. This allows you to reach people who prefer visual content.

A third way to repurpose your podcast guesting content is to create a presentation or webinar. This could involve creating slides summarising the key points of the interview or using the interview as a basis for a more in-depth discussion. By repurposing your content in this way, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and attract even more potential customers.

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