Nick Jonsson's Experience with Podcast Guesting Pro | 100 podcast booking milestone.



"At this milestone, you know, 100 episodes, if you had asked me that two or three years ago, it would have been a great target set. But would I believe that we could have achieved it? I probably would not have been sure. It's been a fantastic journey. I think there's a few things that stand out. The first is how it really helped to grow me as a person. It really has helped me to develop myself because being on 100 different podcasts, talking about the topic of your choice, and being questioned by them — they are, of course, bringing in their whole life experience and all the guests they've had before — and therefore, you sort of keep developing yourself as a leader the whole time. So, it's almost like a coaching journey in that sense. So that's the first one, really to develop myself and the messaging that I have as a leader.

But then, secondly, it has been great for my personal brand. The credibility from being a guest on podcasts everywhere from Ireland to Glasgow to Australia to Singapore to the US, I've been all around the world now on these 100 shows, and obviously, the personal branding that comes with that is a lot.

Yes, I think what stands out here and why I have achieved these 100 episodes is also the honesty that I'm trying to have in the conversations that I'm driving. Not everyone is comfortable talking about mental health, emotional health, addiction, and so on. So the topics that I have selected with you and the team have really been topics that have been in demand. I could already smell this before we started work when journalists were calling me, you know, saying we want to interview someone who's gone through a challenging time, but everyone wants to be anonymous. Well, I'm sorry, even on a podcast, you cannot be anonymous. It's your face there, it's your real story. And people love to hear real stories. So, my advice to anyone is, you know, find your niche and then go out and talk and be a little bit vulnerable. That's what I've done, and it worked really well for me.

Yeah, so I haven't had to spend too much time on this. Your team has done a great job there in filtering the podcasts. I mainly have told them, you know, this is the kind of direction, these are the podcasts I would like to be on, and your team has then done the rest. But what we started in was in the mental health space, then we basically moved over to the HR space, and now recently also over to athletes and professional sport. So once we pivoted over there, I have gone in and just had a look at what kind of podcasts would I like to be on. I share that with your team, and then they come back with other podcasts and taking it forward. So it's really worked well, and I'm quite pleased to see that during this time now, we are even pivoting in and getting me on some of the leading sports podcasts, which was my target for this year.

Yes, I think a couple of the podcasts have been a little bit emotional because the topics I've been talking about have been addiction and mental health recovery, and so on. I've been on podcasts where the host themselves might have lost, in one instance I can remember, lost both the wife and their child due to addiction, and therefore set up a podcast to talk about this as a form of recovery. So it's been emotional moments, and I've been grateful to then share my story and what I've seen in the space, and together we've been spreading the message. And another podcast I was on, I can remember that it was also really to drive a positive course toward breaking the stigma around discussing mental health, which is still, especially in the workplace, something that people are scared to talk about. So it has been moments that really have been hopefully changing the world to a better place to be. And we do this in social media and drive the message on LinkedIn. There's a lot of people reaching out being very grateful for these honest conversations.

Yeah, so for myself now, having achieved 100, let's say that the journey now over the next year will be to write a book for me. So if I'm on a podcast a week, that's another 50 episodes, which will go hand in hand…"


The podcasting world has emerged as a crucial forum for disseminating ideas and expertise in the modern era. Nick Jonsson, an entrepreneur with a keen focus on mental health advocacy, has effectively used this platform to broaden his influence and share his message. In a recent conversation, Jonsson revealed his experiences and the significant role played by our agency, Podcast Guesting Pro, in his remarkable journey.

Impact of Our Agency on Nick’s Growth

Jonsson credits his substantial development to the strategic assistance provided by podcast booking agencies like ours. These agencies have played a crucial role in finding and securing podcast appearances for him, perfectly aligning with his areas of expertise such as entrepreneurship, mental health, and leadership. This precise selection has been time-efficient and ensured that his voice reaches the intended audience.

Motivation for Podcast Appearances

Nick’s decision to utilize podcasts as a medium was driven by his aspiration to make a substantial impact. He recognized the potency of podcasts in discussing sensitive yet vital topics like mental health and the vulnerabilities in leadership. This platform offered a transparent, extensive reach for his stories and insights, fostering necessary dialogues and building a supportive network.

Appreciation for Our Assistance

Expressing gratitude, Nick acknowledges the crucial role of podcast booking agencies in his journey. Their expertise in the podcasting realm allowed him to concentrate on his message, while they managed the logistics of guest appearances. This partnership has been instrumental in enhancing his reach and strengthening his personal brand.

Benefits of Podcast Guesting

Podcast guesting experience has significantly influenced both his professional path and personal growth. It has augmented his reputation as a thought leader, widened his network, and provided a stage for his personal and professional insights. Engaging in diverse discussions on multiple podcasts has been key in raising awareness on important issues and refining his viewpoints, thus contributing to his evolution as a leader.

Forward-Looking Aspirations

Nick is set to continue his journey of exploration in both personal and professional realms. He plans to author a book on the subject of vulnerability in leadership, drawing on experiences from his podcast engagements. Further, he is keen on launching his own podcast, delving deeper into mental health and leadership themes. These future endeavors are in line with his commitment to challenging stigmas and promoting open conversations in the professional world.


Nick Jonsson’s experience vividly illustrates the transformative influence of podcasts and the critical role of booking agencies like Podcast Guesting Pro in this dynamic domain. His evolution from a podcast guest to aspiring show host exemplifies the extensive impact of this medium in nurturing personal and professional growth.