Habits That Have The Power To Change Your Life

With the year drawing towards a close, it’s very cliché to proclaim that 2024 will be YOUR year; but it really can be, if you make it so. While guesting on Resilient Entrepreneurs, Ben Kirk reflects on ‘Habits to Win The Day’ and offers valuable advice to help best set yourself up, personally and professionally, to achieve.

Ben eloquently breaks down that success starts with small steps; embedding both weekly & daily habits into your life to “move the needle”. Ben names the Weekly Review his number one habit for achieving success; which he generously shares a template for on his website.

Ben also stresses the importance of health to underpin success; of which sleeping habits and eating habits are integral. The conversation also moves to speak about routines (which Ben reflects are essentially ‘stacked habits’) and how you can adapt your routine to leave your cup more full.

This episode is for everyone, from those who end the week on empty – wanting to slam the laptop shut and run – to those who simply want to raise their capacity to achieve.

Life changing habits start today.

Link to episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjM66n_BooQ