How to Build an Audience with Storytelling and Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting is a powerful way to reach your audience. Podcasts have the ability to tap into the listeners' curiosity, emotions, and intellect. They can educate or inspire listeners with knowledge that they didn't know before. And Podcast Guesting is also an inexpensive tool for brand recognition. Tap into ready made audiences and engage them with your story. This article will teach you how to best use podcasts as a marketing tool by combining storytelling and podcast guesting for maximum results.

What is Podcast Guesting?

Podcast Guesting is using other people's podcasts. For example, a podcast like the Pod Save the People with Udi Behr or Maximum Fun where you get two or three of your best-selling writers or podcasters together to discuss a topic. The conversation, questions, and answers are recorded and you post this on your website and social media. The podcast then appears on their website and they also post it on their social media. How to Use It For Brand Recognition Podcast Guesting is an opportunity to connect your brand and content with more people and reach a new audience. But a podcast is more than just broadcasting a podcast, the interaction and engagement you have with your guest can also be measured in their ability to achieve conversion, which is your intended goal.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool. It can be used to: Build Trust Change the Emotional Connection with Customers Act as a marketing tool Build Your Audience One way to build your audience is through story-telling. When you share stories about your products and services with your audience, you will engage them in an authentic way. The story you tell will give them a personal connection to the product or service. It will encourage them to share it with their friends and family. Remember the old saying: "It's not what you say; it's how you say it" Additionally, if you're an author, you can use storytelling to build your audience and expand your reach through podcast guesting. You can share your thoughts, experiences, and life lessons in interviews.

Podcast Guesting versus Creating Your Own Podcast

First, let's talk about the difference between Podcasting and Guesting. Both can be used to promote your brand. The difference between them is that Podcasting is the one that you create and your guests actually appear. Creating Your Own Podcasts Creating your own podcast is relatively easy. All you need is an internet connected computer, a microphone, and a few favorite topics. You can record your podcast in your home studio. However, it is expensive to create a podcast, especially if you use the usual equipment and you have to host it from your own home studio. Therefore, most of the companies offer a way to create a podcast without having to buy equipment and host it from your home studio. This kind of podcasting also requires a special software.

How To Become A Regular Guest On Podcasts

First and foremost, your podcast needs to be compelling. Your audience should be able to listen to every episode and be inspired to action. The best way to make an audience happy and motivated is to share your unique story, provide value and share your expertise. Make your audience want to listen to you all the time. Make them want to hear your advice, guidance and motivational talks. Tell your audience you'll be sharing your tips and stories on a regular basis. The answer is storytelling. Once you have a good following, the podcast platform makes it easy for you to share more content. Content is everything when it comes to Podcasting. By sharing your story, you are giving the audience a reason to come back and stay tuned.


The world of podcasting has developed into a space where you can use your voice to your advantage to build a loyal audience. The truth is that there are two ways to create content that will reach the largest audience in your niche. One is to invest in SEO, grow your email list, and socialize with organic traffic. The other is to focus on producing content that will have an audience because they desire to consume it.

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