Start the wagon Now!

The IMPOSTOR SYNDROME holds us all back.

"Who am I to get on a podcast and tell my story?"

Well, even though you're not Elon Musk or a celebrity, there are people out there who you can inspire. Telling your story not only helps them overcome similar challenges but also helps you make sense of your journey.

I was recently on the Kickoff Sessions podcast with Darren Lee talking about storytelling and the impostor syndrome. Darren's a living example of someone who didn't wait for permission to get started with his podcast.

Sure, like most of us he didn't have a grand design, a master plan, or an overarching "Why" for his podcast. This only ever comes with hindsight joining the dots. The reality is that our journeys never progress in a straight line and our stories rarely make sense while we're on them.

Rather than getting stuck on finding your perfect "Why", focus on finding your "Start".


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