The Thought Leadership Magic Quadrant

The Thought Leadership Magic Quadrant

You have many options to create thought leadership content in 2021, the secret is knowing which ones bring you results. You want formats that have high Reach & ROI. Consider for example, formats that are “noisy” and still used but increasingly ineffective:

• Owned Webinar (attendance rates are low, webinar fatigue)

• Owned Blog (with GPT3 you’re now competing creating content against very convincing bots)

• Conference Speaking (the biggest ego massage in the business and a wasted day out the office)

• Press Release (nobody reads them)

• Press By-line (good if you can get them, but little long term benefit in an increasingly noisy media landscape)

• Webinar Guesting (unless you’re doing someone a favor, being paid to do it or it’s a big event with a popular audience, the ROI is very low for you personally)

Which leaves us with the strongest players in terms of ROI

• Commissioned Author (great if you get commissioned and can leverage the publishing reach of a distributor)

• Owned Podcast (great, but you need to be in it for the long term to see results)

• Social Audio (great but the discoverability long term is low and it’s going to get lower with countless players introducing their own apps)

• Guest Posting (still a good option if you can get a guest slot, but takes effort to write a post and see also “Owned Blog” in the section above

• And of course Podcast Guesting - by far the most effective way to build thought leadership in the 2020s.

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