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According to a survey conducted by The Authors Guild, the average author in the US earns only $6,080 annually from their writing. This figure paints a grim reality for business authors, who often rely on book sales to not only generate income but also establish thought leadership in their industry.

While 80% of the work goes into writing a book, 80% of the results come from marketing it.

So how to market your book on a podcast?

Authors: Keep the Conversation Going

The big challenge facing authors today is the Attention Economy. Publishing a book is hard work, but keeping that book in the attention of your audience is harder. That’s why you need an agile and sustainable strategy to keep the conversation going. Podcasts can be your virtual book tour – helping you reach global audiences without the grind of travel. As a bonus, you also create powerful social proof via the SEO friendly content that comes from every podcast guest appearance.

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How can your business book stand out in a crowded market?
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One effective strategy that business authors can use to market their book is by appearing on a podcast as a guest. Podcasts provide a platform for authors to showcase their expertise, share the insights from their book, and reach a wider audience.

However, getting invited to speak on a podcast requires more than just having a book to promote. Business authors need to have a strong pitch that convinces the podcast host that they are worth having on their show. The pitch needs to highlight the author’s expertise, the relevance of their book to the show’s audience, and the value they can bring to the conversation.

Feature: Author TEDX Speaker Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen is a published author and professional speaker on the subject of communication. In this video “short” from a quality show featuring Heather, we can see how authors can share their message on global stages like podcasts to reach new audiences for their work and book. This shareable 2 minute video has over 1,000 views. (See more success stories)

This is where a podcast guesting agency can be helpful. A guesting agency has the connections and experience in pitching authors to podcasts that align with their niche and audience. They can also assist authors in crafting a compelling pitch and preparing for the interview.

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  • ✅ We can also provide coaching and support to authors on their pitch and interview preparation to maximize their impact as a guest.
  • ✅ Through our services, business authors can save time and effort in research, outreach and scheduling, allowing them to focus more on writing and promoting their book.

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