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Why is Podcast Guesting Better than Traditional PR?

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According to a survey conducted by the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations, 87% of PR professionals believe that the industry’s future lies in more digital and social media-focused strategies.

Businesses are looking for innovative ways to reach out to potential customers, and one of the best ways to do that is through in the digital format is podcast guesting. Podcasts have become a popular medium for people looking for educational and entertaining content, and companies can use this platform to connect with their audience. The traditional PR methods of press releases and media events are becoming less effective as more people turn to podcasts for information.

People Follow People not Brands

Today, people want real human connection rather than proxies. They want authentic conversations that reveal our vulnerabilities, not polished, filtered versions of ourselves. Unlike other channels of communication, Podcasts are both hard to fake and highly authentic mediums.

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Podcasts are a great way to establish thought leadership, build credibility, and raise brand awareness. By guesting on a podcast, you can speak directly to an engaged audience and build a personal connection with them. You can provide valuable insights, share your expertise, and even promote your products or services in a non-intrusive way. Additionally, podcast guesting provides a long-lasting impact. Unlike traditional PR, where the coverage lasts for a short amount of time, podcast episodes can be listened to repeatedly, reaching a wider audience over time.

Feature: Author and Coach Nick Jonsson

Nick Jonnsson is an author, coach, mental health advocate and Ironman athlete. In this video he shares his podcast guesting journey and how it has helped him refine his narrative and talking points in an authentic and human way for both existing audiences and future books. (See more success stories)
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Another advantage of podcast guesting is that it offers a targeted approach to reaching your audience. With podcasts, you can niche down and find shows that cater to your specific audience. This allows you to speak directly to the people you want to reach, rather than hoping to be picked up by a reporter who may not fully understand your message.

Podcast guesting can also be a cost-effective approach to marketing. Unlike traditional PR, where you may need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or events, podcast guesting requires little to no out-of-pocket expenses. Most podcasts are happy to have guests and promote their episodes on their own social media platforms.

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