The Podcast Guesting Guide

The Podcast Guesting Guide

Welcome to The Podcast Guesting Guide by the team at Podcast Guesting Pro

An extended introduction to podcast guesting. In this video Graham Brown, founder of Podcast Guesting Pro addresses the key questions asked about podcast guesting.

The first step in any podcast guesting journey is to start by defining your audience. This video outlines an exercise to define your "Audience Avatar", asking key questions about who your audience is, what they want and how you give it to them.

Learn how to guest like a pro. We look at your audio setup, your podcast delivery, tips and tricks for storytelling techniques.

About The Podcast Guesting Guide

The Podcast Guesting Guide is an introduction to Podcast Guesting by Graham Brown designed for both beginners and intermediate level podcasters. Key podcast guesting questions answered focus on the business case for podcast guesting and how you can use it to create thought leadership and authentic content.

Course Objectives

What is Podcast Guesting?
What is the business benefit of podcast guesting?
How can you become good at Podcast Guesting?

Graham Brown

Your Course Instructor

Graham Brown is the founder of award winning corporate podcast agency Pikkal & Co, and founder of Podcast Guesting Pro. He has published over 3,000 podcast episodes and helped guests reach over 2 million listeners.

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