Podcast Guesting Pro FAQ

Which Podcasts Will You Book for Me?

Our first question to you is always, "who is your audience?". A key deliverable in our Podcast Guesting Pro service is defining your Audience Avatar. Who is she? How old is she? What are her frustrations? Why will she listen to and trust you?

Even though size is important, relevancy of each podcast's audience fit is critical. A podcast of 400 engaged listeners, listening to 40 minutes of your story is many times more important in terms of reach than 10,000 casual views on Youtube or likes on Facebook.

How does Podcast Guesting Pro match me with quality podcast opportunities?

We build a profile of you, your strengths and storytelling style, your key talking points and audience goals in the first Go Pro interview (see below). We get too work in the background to take care of the heavy lifting - putting together media kits and coordinating with podcast hosts.

Do you offer media training?

YES. Exclusive to Podcast Guesting Pro is our Go Pro interview. Go Pro is a 1 hour off-record podcast interview / media training session to help familiarise you with how podcasts work and how to tell your story in an authentic way. Go Pro is hosted by experienced podcaster Graham Brown whose goal is to make you sound amazing.

What is the ROI on a Podcast Guest Appearance?

Podcast appearances are about creating long term, sustainable thought leadership in your category and with your audience. Each podcast appearance will build your brand authority in that category.

The Return on investing in Brand Authority is a) other thought leaders want to meet you and do business with you b) partners and prospects get to hear about and see you before you meet them in person and c) you build a large back catalog of SEO friendly thought leadership content searchable on the web.

When will I get results from Podcast Guesting Pro?

You can measure results in two forms.

First is when you'll get your first podcast bookings. In month 1 we'll set up your Go Pro interview and you'll get your Audience Avatar, Media Kit, media training and feedback on your podcast guesting interview style.

Second is the ROI on your podcast itself when you begin your guesting experience with Podcast Guesting Pro. See the question above "What is the ROI on a Podcast Guest Appearance?"

What is my time commitment?

How much time is required from my end?
4 hours per month is all we ask. Our dedicated podcast booking agents will handle all the back and forths, so all you have to do is just prepare and deliver great interview. We often work closely with your marketing team or existing PR providers to align our efforts.

What is the audience of the Podcasts you'll book me for?

There are 2 million podcasts in the world according to the latest data from Infinite Dial and Nielsen.

There are podcasts with tightly defined and highly aligned niches looking for thought leaders like you to come and share your experience and inform their audiences.

We rank all the podcasts in our connections on the basis of:

Authority - how does this podcast rank on Apple podcasts and Spotify in markets relevant to you and your audience?

Audience - depending on the niche, podcasts can range from 200 to 20,000 listeners an episode. Rather than focus on the raw numbers, the key to your personal brand building is finding the most engaged audiences.

Alignment - how is the audience and conversation topics of a podcast aligned to you, your experience and your key talking points?

Do I really get 2-4 podcast bookings a month?

We are confident we can deliver on these results from our experience. If for whatever reason we cannot deliver, we'll extend the service period for free and keep working until we get you your allocated bookings.

What happens if I get busy or cannot fulfil my commitments?

From your experience you'll need to invest 2-4 hours a month to build your brand through podcast guesting. However, we all know that life happens and it might sometimes not be possible.

That's why we put you in control. You only pay for your current month with no commitment to long term contracts. We want you to be happy with Podcast Guesting Pro.

What happens if the post host reschedules, doesn't turn up or doesn't deliver?

In the rare case something happens or there is a mix-up, we'll give you the choice of trying that host again (we'll do the chase ups) or booking another podcast in its place (in which case, we won't count that as part of your monthly podcast guesting quote).

What does my Podcast Guesting Pro manager do?

Your Pro manager will manage everything and do the heavy lifting for you. That means taking care of your schedule to ensuring you have the right links, the meeting notes.

She'll also coordinate with you on guest requests from hosts and speaking opportunities, learning your style and requirements and improving the pitch and alignment of the podcasts to target your niche. You just turn up and do what you do best - talk!

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