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According to a survey by Demand Gen Report, 95% of buyers prefer shorter content formats like podcasts. However, B2B marketers often struggle to keep prospects engaged during the middle stages of the funnel, where leads are qualified and decision-makers are identified.

B2B: Podcasts Influence the Whole Funnel

Research shows that B2B sales cycles are getting longer, more complex and more competitive. That means if you’re selling a service like coaching or consultancy, you need multiple touchpoints beyond the initial meeting. Podcasts help you keep that conversation going by not only providing content you can send to existing conversations but also powerful social proof from your guest appearances showing on your prospect’s Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter feed.

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How can podcast guesting solve this engagement gap and improve B2B conversations?
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Podcast guesting involves appearing as a guest on a podcast related to your industry. By doing so, businesses can increase brand awareness, expand their audience, and position themselves as thought leaders. Additionally, podcast listeners are typically highly engaged and interested in the subject matter, which means that podcast guesting can provide a higher-quality audience than some other marketing channels.

But podcast guesting can also be a powerful tool for influencing B2B conversations. By discussing industry trends, challenges, and solutions on a podcast, your business can demonstrate expertise and thought leadership. This can help to build trust with prospects, and position your business as a valuable resource that can help prospects solve their problems. Additionally, by appearing as a guest on multiple podcasts, your business can reinforce this messaging and increase the frequency with which prospects hear about your brand.

Feature: B2B Thought Leader Mark Ross-Smith

Mark Ross-Smith is the CEO of Status Match. He services high value B2B clients in the airline, finance and hospitality sector, shaping their customer data and loyalty strategies. In this video, see Mark in action, leading the discussion on loyalty programs in the aviation industry. (See more success stories)

Furthermore, podcast guesting can provide opportunities for in-depth conversations that may not be possible in other marketing channels, such as social media or advertising. Podcast hosts often ask guests to share their experiences and insights, which can lead to conversations that delve deeper into the problems that your business can help solve. This can provide prospects with a more nuanced understanding of your business and its value proposition.

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  • ✅ Our team monitors each podcast appearance and provides detailed analytics so that our clients can measure the impact of their guesting efforts on their B2B conversations and sales funnel.

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