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Becoming a thought leader in your industry is not an easy feat. It requires years of expertise, dedication, and hard work. However, one way to fast-track your journey is by becoming a guest on podcasts. Podcasts offer a unique platform where you can share your expertise and insights with a targeted audience. Speaking on podcasts can help you establish credibility, gain exposure, and build a loyal following.

Tip: Attention is the New Currency of Leadership

Thought Leadership has changed in the last 10 years. A book, a job title or a sucessful blog no longer make you a thought leader in people’s (or Google’s) eyes. What matters is Attention. If you have your audience’s attention, you are a thought leader. Podcasts offer a powerful way to earn their attention at scale, by creating SEO friendly content that helps you get discovered and by creating regular social proof content shared on their social streams.

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The first step to becoming a guest on podcasts is identifying the right podcasts for your niche. You can start by researching relevant podcasts and listening to a few episodes to gauge the tone and content. Once you have identified potential podcasts, reach out to the hosts and pitch yourself as a guest. Make sure to include a brief introduction, your area of expertise, and potential topics you can discuss.

Feature: Thought Leader Mark Ross-Smith

Mark Ross-Smith is the CEO of Status Match. He services high value clients in the airline, finance and hospitality sector, shaping their customer data and loyalty strategies. In this video, see Mark in action, leading the discussion on loyalty programs in the aviation industry. (See more success stories)

It is essential to prepare for your podcast appearance. Do your research on the host and the podcast’s audience to tailor your content accordingly. Develop a clear and concise message that provides value to the audience while highlighting your expertise. Come with a few talking points and examples to showcase your knowledge.

During the podcast, focus on delivering quality content that resonates with the audience. Engage actively with the host and provide valuable insights. Be authentic, show enthusiasm, and inject some personality into the conversation. Remember, you are not only showcasing your expertise but also building a relationship with the audience and the host.

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