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According to a recent survey, an estimated 144 million people in the United States listen to a podcast regularly. Needless to say, the podcasting industry has exploded in the past few years and has given rise to popular shows like The Joe Rogan Experience. This podcast, hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, boasts over 190 million downloads per month and features guests that range from scientists and professors to musicians and comedians. But with thousands of hopefuls vying for a spot on his show, how can you actually get on The Joe Rogan Podcast?

Seriously thought, unless you are a A List Celebrity, you’re not going to get on the Joe Rogan podcast.

So should you give up?

Not at all. Just because you’re not Elon Musk doesn’t mean you lack a story worth telling. There are 5 million podcasts in the world today producing 50 million episodes. The vast majority of these podcasts are communities of interest built around conversations that matter. They don’t have celebrities, but interesting people who can help them solve the business problems they are currently facing. Take a look at our podcast guesting success stories to see the kinds of clients we work with and shows we’ve booked.

Podcast Guesting: Success is Teamwork

Podcast Guesting Pro is a team of outreach managers, PR specialists and podcast experts who you can plug into. With over 5 years experience and 3,000 episodes to their name, the team has an intimiate knowledge of both hosts and guests. We know what works, and what doesn’t. Leverage our expertise to save you valuable time.

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But let’s assume for a minute you did want to get on the Joe Rogan Podcast and ignore all the above (sensible) advice, how would you do it?

First of all, it’s important to understand that getting on The Joe Rogan Podcast is no easy feat. Rogan is notorious for being selective with his guests and only features individuals that are interesting, knowledgeable, and unique in some way. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting an invite.

One way to get on Joe Rogan’s radar is to gain a large following on social media. Rogan often features guests that have a significant online presence and can bring in a new audience to his show. This doesn’t mean you need millions of followers, but having a dedicated and engaged fan base can certainly help your case.

Another way to get on The Joe Rogan Podcast is to network with people in Rogan’s inner circle. This includes previous guests, producers, and even Rogan’s friends. By building relationships with these individuals, you may have a better chance of getting a personal introduction and being considered for the show.

Now Joe Rogan fantasy over, what of the 4,999,999 podcasts worthy of your time?

Even if you speak on audiences with as few as 2,000 listeners, that’s 2,000 people who care about your key talking points. Compare that to a conference where your message, once delivered, is lost forever. Podcasts are evergreen content. Every show you get featured on will stay on Google search, Apple and Spotify for years, to be discovered by potential leads, clients and partners.

Feature: Leadership Coach Nick Jonsson

Nick Jonnsson is an author, public speaker. coach, mental health advocate and Ironman athlete. In this video he shares his podcast guesting journey and how it has helped him refine his narrative and talking points for both existing audiences and future books. Nick has spoken on over 70 podcasts and continues to reach new audiences globally. (See more success stories)

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