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According to an industry report by Podcast Insights, there are over 1 million active podcasts and over 30 million podcast episodes as of April 2021. With such a large number of podcasts available, it’s essential to stand out as a guest speaker. The quality of your audio and your speaking ability could make or break your chances of gaining a loyal following.

Podcast Guesting Pro’s 7 Recommended Microphones

  • Logitech H370 USB – simple and cheap to get started
  • Rode SmartLav+ – simple lapel mic that is less intrusive visually
  • ATR200 – quality audio technica brand
  • Blue Yeti – popular but average quality, works better with a quality boom arm
  • Rode NT1A or Rode Podcaster – quality from a quality brand
  • Shure SM58 USB – easy plug and play, great quality
  • Shure SM7B XLR – top of the range, if you want a pro setup (XLR mixer required)

Podcast Guesting Pro Recommended Reverb Hacks

Avoid these:
  • Laptop speakers (terrible)
  • Glassy rooms
  • Square rooms or rooms with high ceilings
  • Empty rooms, especially without carpets, furniture
  • Anything Bluetooth e.g. Airpods (heavily compressed quality)
Use these:
  • “Soft” rooms with people, furniture, carpets, curtains
  • Get close to the microphone – 30 cm/1 foot maximum (get a good stand, headset or boom arm)
  • Hotel rooms make for great acoustic setups
  • Walk-in closets are a known audio “hack” for pros
  • Headphones remove duplexing, echo and interference

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Firstly, it’s important to determine your niche. If you have a clear understanding of the topics you want to discuss and your expertise in them, it makes it easier to communicate your message effectively. This will also help with your tone and pacing while speaking. Remember to keep it conversational – don’t try to sound like a professional speaker or a salesperson.

Secondly, have a pre-interview with the host. This is a crucial step to ensure that you’re both on the same page regarding the podcast’s direction. It’s also an opportunity to build rapport and ask any questions you may have. Practice active listening and engage in a dialogue, which will show your interest in the podcast and the host.

Feature: Pikkal Founder Graham Brown Talks Audio

In this video, Graham Brown discusses how to get your audio quality for podcast guesting sounding like a pro. Graham discusses microphones, mixers, stands and the impact of your room environment on audio quality. Listen in for tips and hacks.

Thirdly, invest in some equipment. While you can use your phone to record, it’s essential to have a good-quality microphone and headphones. The microphone must be close enough to capture your voice without any background noise or echoes. Opt for a quiet and interruption-free space like a closet or a home studio. This enhances your audio quality and makes you sound more professional.

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