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With the rise of digital marketing, businesses are always keeping an eye out for newer and better ways to generate traffic and leads. In recent years, guest blogging has been a popular strategy, where businesses offer to write articles for other websites in their niche, with the goal of promoting their own business and attracting more traffic to their own website. However, with the increased popularity of podcasts, many businesses are now questioning if guest podcasting is the new guest blogging.

SEO: Evergreen Conversations

Unlike a traditional speaking gig or PR, podcasts are evergreen conversations. Every podcast can be discovered on Apple, Spotify or Youtube. Add to this, the SEO value of the search discoverability of these episodes on Google. Podcasts published a decade ago will still show up in search results. By developing long tail, organic content around the keywords that matter to you and your business, you build evergreen thought leadership through discoverability. It might take months, but the impact will last years.

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Podcasts have been growing in popularity over the past few years, with over 100 million Americans listening to podcasts regularly. This growth has seen a rise in the number of businesses creating their podcasts, with popular brands such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Shopify all hosting their podcasts. As such, it’s no surprise that businesses are now looking to guest podcasting as a way to reach a new, engaged audience.

Feature: SEO Guru Neil Patel

“To truly expand your reach, you want to dip into new content forms – such as podcasting. Appearing as a guest on another individual’s podcast can bring serious benefits to your marketing. Appearing as a guest on a podcast not only puts you in front of a loyal group of followers, it also opens the door on a whole new set of individuals who prefer to listen to their content.” (source)

Guest podcasters are invited onto a podcast as a guest to share their expertise or experience on a topic. They are often given a short bio and links to their website or social media, allowing listeners to learn more about them and their business. With guest blogging, on the other hand, businesses may not get as much visibility or engagement, as they are required to compete with other guest bloggers to get their article published on an often-crowded blog.

Guest podcasting also offers an opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand and personality, something that can be challenging with guest blogging. With podcasts, businesses can use their voice, tone, and personality to really connect with the listeners and create a more personal connection.

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