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According to a recent survey by Edison Research, 80% of podcast listeners say they listen to all or most of each episode. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals to share their expertise and connect with a highly engaged audience. If you’re interested in being a guest on a podcast, it’s important to understand the different types of podcasts and which would be the best fit for your message.

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One type of podcast is the interview-style show, where a host interviews guests on their area of expertise. These podcasts can be either specific to a particular industry or wider-reaching. Another type is the panel-style show, where a group of experts discuss a particular topic. These podcasts are often focused on a specific industry or niche.

Narrative-style podcasts are another type, where a host tells a story over several episodes. These podcasts often have a specific theme or topic, and guests may be brought on to share their personal experiences related to the theme. Educational podcasts are also popular, where hosts and guests share tips and advice on a particular topic.

Feature: Leadership Coach Nick Jonsson

Nick Jonnsson is an author, public speaker. coach, mental health advocate and Ironman athlete. In this video he shares his podcast guesting journey and how it has helped him refine his narrative and talking points for both existing audiences and future books. Nick has spoken on over 70 podcasts and continues to reach new audiences globally. (See more success stories)

Finally, there are podcasts that focus on entertainment, such as true crime or comedy. These podcasts often have a large and dedicated following, which can offer unique opportunities for guests to share their message with a wider audience.

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