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According to a study by digital marketing agency Search Engine Journal, podcasting yields a 14.2% increase in organic traffic, while blogging only produces a 7.7% increase.

SEO: Evergreen Conversations

Unlike a traditional speaking gig or PR, podcasts are evergreen conversations. Every podcast can be discovered on Apple, Spotify or Youtube. Add to this, the SEO value of the search discoverability of these episodes on Google. Podcasts published a decade ago will still show up in search results. By developing long tail, organic content around the keywords that matter to you and your business, you build evergreen thought leadership through discoverability. It might take months, but the impact will last years.

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One of the main reasons why podcasts rank higher than blog posts is due to the fact that search engines like Google prioritize fresh content. While blog posts need to be manually updated to keep up with SEO, podcasts are automatically updated when new episodes are uploaded, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Another reason why podcasts are SEO-friendly is because they offer more opportunities for inbound links. These links, or backlinks, can significantly boost your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines. In addition, podcast guests often promote their episodes on their own websites and social media channels, providing additional exposure and potential backlinks.

Feature: SEO Guru Neil Patel

“To truly expand your reach, you want to dip into new content forms – such as podcasting. Appearing as a guest on another individual’s podcast can bring serious benefits to your marketing. Appearing as a guest on a podcast not only puts you in front of a loyal group of followers, it also opens the door on a whole new set of individuals who prefer to listen to their content.” (source)

Podcasts also offer a more engaging and immersive experience for listeners compared to blog posts. With a podcast, listeners can hear the tone and inflection of the speaker’s voice, which can help establish a deeper connection and foster trust. This can ultimately lead to more social shares and higher engagement rates, both of which can positively impact your SEO.

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