Become a Thought Leader

Using the Power of Podcast Guesting

Leverage the Power of Other People's Audiences

With over 4 million podcasts in the world today, there are guaranteed audiences to match your niche. At Podcast Guesting Pro we created a 3 Step System to guide you on your journey from idea to thought leadership in your industry.

Listen to the Podcast Guesting Story of Bernard Hor
CEO of SaaS Platform Hatio

A World of Niche Ready-Made Audiences Await...

When you leverage the power of Podcast Guesting

Over 4 Million Podcasts in the World

The podcast market is growing fast. Great news for B2B Thought Leaders. There are guaranteed podcasts with engaged audiences to match your niche focus.

Engaged Followers

Growing an Audience is hard. So instead of starting from scratch, leverage OPA: Other People's Audiences. Yes, Podcast Hosts have done the heavy lifting for you already, building the audience, communicating with them and creating an audience.

Global Conversations at Scale

Reach audiences globally without leaving your house. With a good Podcat Guesting Funnel in place, you can protect your energy and focus. Days away from home or office on corporate travel are history!

"Become a Practitioner"

Become a practitioner. It’s not social media. Communication is fundamentally how the world turns; and I implore this audience to triple down on their efforts of being a written, audio or video communicator on the platforms.
-- Podcast Host and Guest Gary Vaynerchuck

"Guest Podcasting is King"

Forget Guest Posting. Here’s Why Guest Podcasting is King. To truly expand your reach, you want to dip into new content forms – such as podcasting.Appearing as a guest on another individual’s podcast can bring serious benefits to your marketing.
-- Neil Patel, SEO Guru and Thought Leader

From Idea to Thought Leader in 3 Steps

At Podcast Guesting Pro we help thought leaders leverage the power of podcast guesting to build their personal brand. We believe all our thought leader clients are on a journey that follows a familiar pattern. In this Episode of our 12 part mini series Author and Thought Leader Graham Brown outlines the steps.

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How to Build a Lead Funnel

With a structured Podcast Guesting Funnel you can Scale your Personal Brand. Turn OPA (other people's audiences) into Followers. Turn Followers into Fans.

What Exactly is Podcasting Guesting?

Why are B2B Thought Leaders turning to Podcast Guesting as the most effective communication channel to build their personal brand?

Why is Audio Best for Thought Leaders?

In this episode we look at the power of Audio-First content. Every podcast you guest on can also be reformatted as video, blog posts or social media shareables.

3 Facts About the Podcast Market

Podcasts have been around for over 15 years, but they have only broken through in popularity in the last 3-4. This new found surge in interest is particularly relevant to B2B Thought Leaders.

Define Your Audience Avatar

Key to Podcast Guesting Success is having a clear definition of who your target audience is. Never speak to "you guys" or "the listeners". To create intimacy and engagement, always speak to "You".

Experts like SEO Guru Neil Patel agree that Podcast Guesting is the most effective way for thought leaders to build their personal brand today

Graham Brown and Tony Fernandes CEO AirAsia

"Thought leadership, when done well, can strengthen a business’s reputation and spark meaningful interactions that lead to tangible business results."

Global PR Agency Edelman

How to Monetize Podcast Guesting

What are your options as a B2B Thought Leader. In this episode from my mini 12 part podcast guesting series I look at how you can use the format to upsell high ticket conceptual sales. Ideas covered - SaaS, coaching, membership or even your own resumé.

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How to Build a Following

The key to long term success in thought leadership is to build a funnel that converts other people audiences into your followers.

How to Refine Your Storytelling Material

Using Agile Storytelling techniques your thought leadership journey gives you an opportunity to constantly refine and improve on your material.

How to Sound Like a Pro

Be more engaging by sounding more engaging. Simple tips and hacks to develop a "warm sound" make you sound PRO.

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