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Podcast Guesting Pro: Our Story

We are Podcast Guesting Pro. We began our podcast journey in 2018 launching Pikkal & Co - an award winning corporate podcast agency, servicing clients in management consulting, asset management, private banking and late-stage tech startups. In 2021 we launched our dedicated podcast booking service Podcast Guesting Pro, building on our intimate knowledge of podcast success and relationships with business hosts.
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Behind the Numbers: What Podcast Guesting Pro Clients Are Saying...

Nick Jonsson

best-selling author and coach

Podcast guesting has been very useful. Firstly, it helps me develop my talking points and my keynote topics. This has been valuable in preparing for my 2nd book.

Secondly, having guested on 70 podcasts, it’s helped build my profile. Now people notice and are reaching out to me. The credibility is huge.

Today, we have to go beyond social media and what Chat GPT can easily produce. We have to be authentic and dare to be a little bit more vulnerable. Speaking on podcasts helps me connect with my audience in a more human way. ❞
nick jonsson coach

Listen to Podcast Guesting Pro Founder Graham Brown Talk About Podcast Guesting

Graham Brown is the founder of Podcast Guesting Pro and Pikkal & Co.

He is a graduate in Artificial Intelligence with 25 years experience working in the global telecoms & marketing industry helping shape the communications strategies of brands like Disney, Bausch & Lomb, MTV, EMI, Intel, McKinsey and EY.

Graham is a published author, with titles including "Public Speaking Like a Pro", "The Mobile Youth: Voice of the Connected Generation" and "Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About"

Introduction to Podcast Guesting
Here's what you'll learn in this video:

1) Will podcast guesting work for me?
2) What podcasts can I speak on?
3) How do you measure the quality of podcasts?
4) Is podcast guesting audio / video / live?
5) How do I focus on a specific industry or geographical region?
6) Can I share podcasts that I speak on, on my social channels, blog etc?
7) I have 2 different audiences, which should I focus on when speaking on podcasts?
8) What should I talk about when speaking on podcasts?
9) How much time should I commit every month to podcast guesting for it to be successful?
10) Do you work with similar clients to me?
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