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What Is Podcast Guesting?

Podcast Guesting is when you speak on another host's podcast as a guest. You are the expert. You are the thought leader. It's an effective way of building your personal brand by leveraging other people's audiences.

For a more in-depth explainer about speaking on podcasts, see our video: introduction to podcast guesting.

What Is Podcast Guesting Pro?

Podcast Guesting Pro is powered by Award Winning Corporate Podcast Specialist Pikkal & Co. Podcast Guesting Pro is our dedicated business podcast booking agency for individual thought leaders. We offer a fully managed end to end podcast booking service.

Who Are You?

Founded by podcast host and author, Graham Brown, Podcast Guesting Pro is the same team that runs the award-winning corporate agency Pikkal & Co.

Where Are You Based?

Our HQ is registered in Singapore. Our team is remote-first, operating in multiple time zones and countries including Singapore, Australia, The US, The UK and India.

What Is Your Story?

Podcast Guesting Pro was founded by Graham Brown to help thought leaders build their personal brand on new global stages.

Since 2014, Graham has hosted, produced and guested on over 2,000 podcast episodes globally with keynote speakers, consultants, startup founders and authors.

When the Pandemic hit in 2020, thought leaders sought out new ways to connect with audiences globally and build their professional networks. Guest speaking on other people’s podcasts addressed both of these needs.

graham brown

Graham Brown is the founder of Podcast Guesting Pro. He has been involved in over 2,000 podcasts since 2014, with notable business leaders including Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia and Rod Drury, CEO of Xero. Graham works as an advisor and sounding board to our podcast guesting clients, helping them reframe, restructure and shape their storytelling narratives.

What Is Your Podcast Experience?

We have produced, guested on and hosted over 2,000 podcast episodes. Our work includes producing podcasts for corporate leaders at MBB consultancies, Ernst & Young, Julius Baer, UBS, Amazon AWS, Air Asia, Xero, Deloitte, UTI India and government agencies. Being a podcast agency first gives us insights into what podcast hosts want (don't want) to hear from prospective podcast guests and how to connect with their audiences in an authentic way.

"Do You Work With People Like Me?"

We specialize in podcasts for business thought leaders. These include startup founders, investors, coaches, medical professionals, public speakers, consultants and authors. See our example podcast guesting case studies.

What Kind Of Podcasts Can You Book Me On?

There are 4 million podcasts in the world today and over 50 million episodes published across multiple geographies. The choice is extensive, and growing fast especially if you serve a niche business segment. To understand what podcasts we can book you on, we need to know more about you: your talking points, your background, your story. To help you identify podcasts in your niche and their talking points, use our free podcast finder tool. We also offer a free 35 minute consultation (see below) where we'll give you a list of podcast ideas suited to your avatar and experience.

Here is a representative data set showing the podcasts we booked our clients on in the last 12 months:

podcast booking categories

How Are You Different To The Other Agencies?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so we can't comment on what other agencies do well or not. For us, we find that we partner really well for business leaders. This reflects in the podcasts we work with and the style in which business leaders like to be treated.

Since we started Podcast Guesting Pro, we have invested in good quality data and processes. That means we can get you up and running fast without lengthy onboarding or setup procedures. Based on our data and history working with people like you we are confident we can deliver results. Core to our fully managed podcast booking service is a guarantee of no lengthy commitment (you only pay month by month), no upfront setup costs and a 100% money back guarantee.

What Is My Minimum Commitment?

One month! That’s it. You are in control. Most of our clients love the service and stay for much longer. Because we have invested heavily in podcast data and have strong relationships with podcast hosts through our podcast agency, we are confident we can deliver results in month 1. That’s why we don’t force you to sign lengthy contracts. And, if you don’t get 100% satisfaction from our podcast booking service or we are unable to meet targets, we’ll offer you your money back – no questions asked!

Can I Cancel Any Time?

Yes, You only pay for the current month. We find that our clients don’t like being stuck with long term contracts, so Podcast Guesting Pro is a manageable monthly subscription.

Do I Really Get 2/4 Podcasts a Month?

YES. And if you don't or you're not happy with the quality, we'll offer you your money back. We have a 97% success rate on our podcast commitments. Sometimes, of course, we can't make it so we're happy to refund the difference and keep working on your podcast to beat targets next month.

Do You Offer Media Training?

YES. Exclusive to Podcast Guesting Pro is the first Media Profiling Session & XL Podcast interview. XL Podcast is a 1 hour off-record podcast interview / media training session to help familiarise you with how podcasts work and how to tell your story in an authentic way. XL Podcast is hosted by experienced podcaster Graham Brown whose goal is to make you sound amazing.

What Happens If I Get Super Busy or Can't Meet My Podcast Commitments?

From your experience you’ll need to invest 2-4 hours a month to build your brand through podcast guesting. However, we all know that life happens and it might sometimes not be possible. That’s why we put you in control. You only pay for your current month with no commitment to long term contracts. You can stop or pause and pick up your podcasting when things return to normal. We want you to be happy with Podcast Guesting Pro.

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