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What is Podcast Guesting?

There are 5 million podcast shows and 50 million podcast episodes in the world today and every podcast is a stage.

With podcast guesting a you can reach new audiences. Podcast guesting helps you speak on high quality business podcasts globally.

Introducing Podcast Guesting

A New and Exciting Way to Leverage the Power of Podcasting without the Need to Start Your Own Podcast

With 5 million podcasts globally, all the world - to quote Shakespeare - is a stage.

Welcome to the emerging world of Podcast Guesting, where there are 5 million stages for you to connect with global audiences across time zones and without the need for travel.

Podcast Guesting is where you, as an expert speaker or featured guest, get invited to speak on someone else's podcast.

Whether your audience are Healthtech investors or Ecommerce entrepreneurs, there are ready-built stages out there for you where the host has done the hard work of building an audience around the conversations their community cares about.

Why Podcast Guesting?

We've been in the podcast game since 2018 but only recently has interest in podcast guesting surged. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, thought leaders are seeking out better ways to engage with their audiences in an authentic way. Secondly, it's getting harder to build an audience.

The price of your audience's attention is higher than ever. That's why it makes sense to leverage other people's audiences. You see, there are 5 million podcasts in the world today, many of which have spent time nurturing and growing their communities. It could take years to grow an audience hosting your own podcast or writing a blog, but with podcast guesting, it's plug and play.
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podcast booking agency
podcast booking agency

3 Reasons Why Podcasts are Ideal for Thought Leadership

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#1 Podcast Market Growth

Podcasts have grown significantly in recent years, with a 94% annual growth rate. This means that the potential reach for your message is global.

What started initially as a consumer trend has spread into niche business genres.

Podcasts have also grown rapidly in new markets outside of North America and with younger, more influential listeners.

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#2 Influential Audiences

40% of adults report listening to podcasts regularly. The average podcast listener subscribes to 7 podcasts in their feed.

Within the influential Millennial demographic who have grown wary of social media and fake content, podcast listenership is higher. 60% of Millennials report they regularly listen to podcasts.

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#3 Engagement not Follower Count

Podcasts offer thought leaders a credible and authentic channel to build their personal brand.

Research shows that audiences view engagement not size of followings as a measure of thought leadership. This means consistent and active conversations that matter with people who care are more important for your community than growing a social media following.

What are Thought Leaders Saying About Podcast Guesting?

Thought Leaders today understand the power of podcast guesting and leveraging other people's audiences. Neil Patel and Pat Flynn use podcast guesting to both extend interactions with existing followers and tap into new audiences globally.

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“Forget Guest Posting… Guest Podcasting is King.”
podcast booking agency
“One guest podcast spot is worth more than 1000 social media posts”

The Financial Times on Podcasts and Thought Leadership

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Financial Times writes: "A powerful speech by an influential voice gives any message – whatever its content or purpose – authority, potency and permanence." (source)

Who is Podcast Guesting for?

With 5 million podcasts and 50 million podcast episodes, there is always demand for new and interesting guests. But who speaks on podcasts? As business podcast specialists, here are the profiles we are able to successfully book onto podcasts with a 98% success rate.

✅ Thought Leaders

Speaking on Other People's Podcasts is a powerful way to reach new audiences globally. Get discovered through Google Search and social media sharing. Use podcasts as a stage to refine your storytelling skills.

✅ Authors

Authors are discovering podcasts as cost and time effective way of organizing a book tour. Podcast audiences are also educated book readers. Keep the conversation around your book going well beyond the publishing date. Create a community of people that care about your writing through the conversations that matter.

✅ Coaches

Podcasts are an effective way to create social proof and build trust. Showcase your work and how you think. Reach corporate and individual clients. Share your backstory and how you got into coaching. Humanize your personal brand.

✅ Startup CEOs and Founders

Reach new audiences, create social proof and content to share with your network. Share the "why" behind your company and growth to attract clients, hires and investors. Influence existing sales funnel conversations with your podcast conversations.

Listen to Podcast Guesting Pro Founder Graham Brown Talk About Podcast Guesting

Graham Brown is the founder of Podcast Guesting Pro and Pikkal & Co.

He is a graduate in Artificial Intelligence with 25 years experience working in the global telecoms & marketing industry helping shape the communications strategies of brands like Disney, Bausch & Lomb, MTV, EMI, Intel, McKinsey and EY.

Graham is a published author, with titles including "Public Speaking Like a Pro", "The Mobile Youth: Voice of the Connected Generation" and "Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About"

Introduction to Podcast Guesting
Here's what you'll learn in this video:

1) Will podcast guesting work for me?
2) What podcasts can I speak on?
3) How do you measure the quality of podcasts?
4) Is podcast guesting audio / video / live?
5) How do I focus on a specific industry or geographical region?
6) Can I share podcasts that I speak on, on my social channels, blog etc?
7) I have 2 different audiences, which should I focus on when speaking on podcasts?
8) What should I talk about when speaking on podcasts?
9) How much time should I commit every month to podcast guesting for it to be successful?
10) Do you work with similar clients to me?

How You Can Use Podcast Guesting to Become a Thought Leader

Now you can plug and play into the power of podcasts. Working with an experienced podcast team like Pikkal & Co we can help you get in front of those audiences to share your story, and build your brand as a thought leader. If you're ready to get started on your speaking journey with Podcast Guesting Pro and you'd like to work with a dedicated team who can get you booked on high quality business podcasts, see the service details of our Podcast Guesting Agency. If you have questions and would like to learn more about building your personal brand, go ahead and book a free podcast consultation with us.

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