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Podcast Booking Service

Our professional podcast booking service can help you get booked on high quality business podcasts as an expert guest with a 98% success rate.

Based on your speaker profile, and using our extensive connections with hosts, we research, find and connect with business podcasts that speak to your ideal audience.

Start building your personal brand as a thought leader by leveraging the power of podcast guesting.
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Podcast Guesting Pro is a professional podcast booking agency that takes care of all the heavy lifting to get you featured as a guest on high quality business podcasts. Our clients are based in the US, UK, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia

We Help You Build Your Personal Brand in 4 Steps

1. We Refine Your Narrative

Our unique Media Profiling Session is a 60 minute one on one with our team and an opportunity to get training with experience podcast guesting specialists.

Like your own dedicated PR team, we'll work with you on identifying and sharpening your key talking points. At the end of the Media Profiling Session, your messaging will be engaging and newsworthy for your ideal listener profile.

2. We Manage All Communication with Podcast Hosts

You're busy. You don't have time and headspace to be worrying about follow ups and replies. Our outreach team takes care of that. Our team activates our extensive network of podcast hosts globally and negotiates booking opportunities for you.

We track Communications, track calls, emails and contact history. You don't have to worry about activity until it delivers results in the form of potential booking.

3. We Manage All Schedule and Booking Logistics

Our personal booking managers will be your own experienced booking assistant.

If you value your time, you'll love our full service podcast guesting concierge, right down to providing you with a briefing document 24 hours before your interview.

We take care of your calendar, negotiate with hosts, store vital recording data such as links and times and keep you informed with status and calendar updates.

4. We Collate and Update Everything

Never miss a recording or publishing.

Tracking recordings right down to when episodes go live can be hard work, especially as production times on podcasts vary from next day to 3-4 months out.

We stay on top of every single booking and every single published episode so you can free up your mind to focus on your business.

By the Numbers:
Our Podcast Guesting Results...

You might not be Neil Patel or Pat Flynn, but that doesn't mean your story isn't worth telling. We've found that audiences engage as much with people like you as they do with "celebrity" thought leaders if it's done in an authentic way. A big part of what we work with our Podcast Guesting Pro clients on is curating their message to make it both newsworthy and relevant to their target audiences. Here is a summary of results so far...

πŸ“Š 98% Podcast Booking Success Rate

We are business podcast specialists with an established podcast agency that services leading management consultancies and financial services brands globally. That's why we are confident to guarantee podcast bookings for clients targeting business audiences and buyers. If our podcast network and your audience aren't a good fit, we'll tell you before signing up, saving you time and money. If we are a good fit, we'll guarantee you podcast bookings on high quality business shows.

πŸ“Š 824 Podcasts Booked

We specialize in business podcast bookings. That's why we are able to confidently match your key talking points with the 12,000 podcasts in our network. We book interview podcasts for authors, coaches and thought leaders that discuss a broad range of business topics such as transformational leadership, workplace diversity and alternative investment strategies. We offer a free 35 minute consultation with no obligation to buy to help you discover what kind of podcasts you can speak on.

πŸ“Š 2.3 Million Podcast Listeners Reached

We book authors, coaches and thought leaders on podcasts with audience sizes ranging between 2,000 and 90,000 listeners. If you'd like to learn more about these podcasts, get our free consultation

πŸ“Š 23 Countries Covered

Our podcast team is based in Washington, London and Singapore and covers 3 time zones - US, Europe and Asia. Clients love our reach as it helps them access new audiences on global stages. Talk to us to discover how we can help build your personal brand as a global thought leader.

Data on Podcast Bookings

A Selection of the High Quality Business Podcasts
we've arranged with our podcast booking service

get booked on podcasts

We partner with thought leaders globally with
diverse expertise and target audiences

podcast guesting thought leaders
With 5 million podcasts and 50 million podcast episodes, there is always demand for new and interesting guests. But who speaks on podcasts? As business podcast specialists, here are the profiles we are able to successfully book onto podcasts with a 98% success rate.

βœ… Thought Leaders

Speaking on Other People's Podcasts is a powerful way to reach new audiences globally. Get discovered through Google Search and social media sharing. Use podcasts as a stage to refine your storytelling skills.

βœ… Authors

Authors are discovering podcasts as cost and time effective way of organizing a book tour. Podcast audiences are also educated book readers. Keep the conversation around your book going well beyond the publishing date. Create a community of people that care about your writing through the conversations that matter.

βœ… Coaches

Podcasts are an effective way to create social proof and build trust. Showcase your work and how you think. Reach corporate and individual clients. Share your backstory and how you got into coaching. Humanize your personal brand.

βœ… Startup CEOs and Founders

Reach new audiences, create social proof and content to share with your network. Share the "why" behind your company and growth to attract clients, hires and investors. Influence existing sales funnel conversations with your podcast conversations.

Every Podcast Guesting Pro Client Now Gets Their Own Exclusive "Podfolio" Page

see what's inside your podfolio page

podcast guesting

An Engaging Profile

When you start with our podcast booking service, we create your executive media profile. Here's an example page.This covers key questions like who you are and why you would be a great guest for a podcast. We create a professionally written profile that will capture the attention of hosts and listeners
podcast guesting

Media Pics & Headshots

One aspect clients love about our podcast booking service is we do all the heavy lifting. That means we take care of all the logistics, right down to collating your media. Where can I find all your media? We house all your media pics and photoshoots in one convenient place accessible by hosts, event organizers and your network

Key Talking Points

What conversations highlight your experience and expertise? We curate a set of engaging talking points for you that will resonate with hosts and their communities
podcast guesting

Your Video Showreel from Appearances

Where do we find all your Youtube appearances? We house all your podcast video appearances on your Podfolio page to create an engaging showreel. You can see example videos captured from podcast guesting appearances on our success page.
podcast guesting

Podcast Showreel from Appearances

Where do we find all your podcast guesting episodes? We collect all your podcast appearances organized by us to showcase your work and conversations

Potential Audience Avatars

Who would be interested to hear you speak? We outline recommended audiences to help both listeners and hosts assess your fit with their podcasts

A Podcast Question Guide

What questions work well for you? We provide potential hosts with engaging sample questions to better understand your work and cocreate meaningful conversations

Behind the Numbers: What Podcast Guesting Pro Clients Are Saying...

Nick Jonsson

Leadership Coach, Best-Selling Author and Public Speaker

❝Podcast guesting has been very useful. Firstly, it helps me develop my talking points and my keynote topics. This has been valuable in preparing for my 2nd book.

Secondly, having guested on 70 podcasts, it’s helped build my profile. Now people notice and are reaching out to me. The credibility is huge.

Today, we have to go beyond social media and what Chat GPT can easily produce. We have to be authentic and dare to be a little bit more vulnerable. Speaking on podcasts helps me connect with my audience in a more human way.❞
podcasting for authors and coaches

How Thought Leaders are Using
Podcast Guesting Pro

How Podcast Guesting creates Authority, Potency and Permanence

thought leadership

Financial Times writes: "A powerful speech by an influential voice gives any message – whatever its content or purpose – authority, potency and permanence." (source)

At Podcast Guesting Pro, we help authors, coaches and corporate create influence by booking them on high quality business podcasts. But helping build your personal brand as a thought leader and creating the authority, potency and permanence doesn't stop there. We also refine your talking points to make them newsworthy and give feedback to all our clients on how they can improve their communication with their target audience in mind. Here's an outline of our service, if you'd like to learn more about how we can build your personal brand talk to us.

ℹ️ We Create Your Podcast Guesting Media Profile

All Podcast Guesting Pro journeys begin with a media profiling session. Our goal here is to understand your objectives and craft newsworthy talking points that will capture the attention of podcast hosts and audiences.

ℹ️ We Research Potential Podcasts You Can Guest On

Now we beging the process of outreach, connecting with our network of 12,000 podcast hosts. We find podcasts that talk to your ideal audience avatar and hosts that will help you communicate your message in your words.

ℹ️ We Manage All The Podcast Booking Logistics

A dedicated podcast booking team take care of all the heavy lifting. They co-ordinate host and guest calendars. They provide you with a full pre-recording briefing. They'll even manage rescheduling for you.

ℹ️ We Build Your Personal Brand

Every Podcast Guesting Pro client gets a Podfolio page that showcases their work to podcast hosts, event organizers and listeners in your network. The Podfolio page contains your media profile, audio and video from your guest appearances, as well as key detail about you including what you talk about and who your ideal audience is.

Our Podcast Booking Service
Has 3 Packages to Help You
Build Your Brand

2 Podcasts
a Month

Get Started Building
Your Personal Brand
$ 900 (USD) Monthly
  • 2 Podcasts a Month
  • Access to Our Network of 12,000 Worldwide High Quality Business Podcasts
  • Minimum 2,000 Listeners Per Episode
  • Your Own Dedicated Booking Manager
  • Media Profiling & Training
  • Personalized Podfolio Page
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • No Minimum Contract (Pay by Month)

4 Podcasts
a Month

Your Personal Brand
$ 1500 (USD) Monthly
  • 4 Podcasts a Month
  • Access to Our Network of 12,000 Worldwide High Quality Business Podcasts
  • Minimum 2,000 Listeners Per Episode
  • Your Own Dedicated Booking Manager
  • Media Profiling & Training
  • Personalized Podfolio Page
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • No Minimum Contract (Pay by Month)

Corporate Platinum

Platinum Tier Personal & Corporate Brand Building
$ 9000 (USD) 3 Month Package
  • 1 Guest
    plus 2 Support Team Members
  • 6 Platinum Podcasts Total over 3 Months
  • Access to Our Network of 12,000 Worldwide High Quality Business Podcasts
  • High quality podcasts with minimum 10,000 Listeners Per Episode and large social audience
  • Your Own Dedicated Booking Manager
  • Media Profiling & Training
  • Personalized Podfolio Page
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Monthly Strategy Call and Performance Report with Our Analysts

Podcast Guesting Pro : Our Story

Before you speak to us, you probably want a little more background on who we are. We are a team of podcast enthusiasts and communication specialists based in Washington, London and Singapore. We've been in the podcasting game helping corporate leaders since before podcasting became popular. Podcasting has helped us work with some amazing clients across time zones and cultures. We are "all in" on podcasting and are looking forward to talking to you about how this powerful platform can help you reach global audiences too.

We are Podcast Guesting Pro. We began our podcast journey in 2018 launching Pikkal & Co - an award winning corporate podcast agency, servicing clients in management consulting, asset management, private banking and late-stage tech startups. In 2021, with the growth of podcasts globally (source), we launched our dedicated podcast booking service Podcast Guesting Pro, building on our intimate knowledge of podcast success and relationships with business hosts.
podcast guesting pro

We Offer a Free 35 Minute Consultation

Complete the form on the rightΒ to get answers to these questions in our free consultation:

  • How can we help you guest on high quality business podcasts?
  • Is Podcast Guesting for you?
  • Based on your profile, what kind of Podcasts could you speak on?
  • What is the potential ROI for you on podcast guesting?
  • What kind of messaging works well for your conversation style on podcasts?
  • We will walk you through universe of podcasts available that match your ideal audience and talking points.
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