Where there is a Podcast, there is Authenticity

Published by Graham Brown on
💡 Why is a podcast an effective way to create thought leadership and brand awareness for an organization?1️. Podcast gives brands an opportunity to tell their story in their words in a format that is authentic and engaging.2️. Compared to other media, ... Read More

Go with the Flaw!

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Is your perfect presentation turning people off?It might be the reason why people don't connect.Psychologist Elliot Aronson discovered a curious trait of human communication in 1966 when he studied how students responded to voice actors ->... Read More

B2B Podcast Market Drivers

Published by Graham Brown on
The Business Podcast market is following in the footsteps of the B2C market. We anticipate that 4 key B2B Podcast Market drivers will significantly impact the Business Podcast Market 2021-2025 (Refer to the image below).🔴 How will this growth in business podcasts impact businesses l... Read More

A match made in heaven: Podcasts and Business leaders

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The most valuable assets in the business are also the least scalable – the Leaders.Leaders don’t scale but Leadership conversations do. Podcasts give comms the ability to amplify the voice of Leaders.View Podcasts as Human Communication Interfa... Read More

Early Adopters & Corporate Podcasters

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Data from our Podcast Market Report shows that the Podcast market is still at an early stage. Most consumers are Early Adopters. We estimate the market at around 10% of the long-term potential audience.Unlike mass-market, Early Adopters tend to exhi... Read More

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